About Us




Houston Deck and Shade llc is a family owned and operated business founded in 2009 by Loren Goodrich. Our goal is to build Beautiful Custom Decks and Pergolas that will last for years to come. Our service areas Include the Greater Houston Tx area and the Lake Livingston Tx Area. Rather you have a weekend retreat in Cape Royale on beautiful Lake Livingston or you have a Restaurant in the Houston Heights, we are at your fingertips with fast service, elegant designs, quality construction and all American Employees. Our team strives to approach each project with excellence and integrity.


Our Company Was Founded in 2009 by Loren Goodrich, Loren was just 19 years old. His love for carpentry and business started at a young age. When Loren was 16 years old he started working on a deck crew learning the trade. He caught on quickly and sold his first deck project at the age of 18. After that first sale it was like a shark smelling blood, he had to have it! After working on the crew and doing some sales for the next year he decided to strike out on his own. December 2009 Houston Deck and Shade LLC was born. Starting a business at such a young age was a challenge, each step of the way was guided by faith in Christ Jesus the All Mighty Creator. Loren is a believer in Christ and attends East River Baptist Church in New Caney Tx. In the beginning, Loren’s days consisted of working on projects during the day with the help of his brother in-law (his first employee) and meeting with potential clients in the afternoon. Most days were 14-16 hours long. As time went on, more employees were hired and trained. In 2016 the company moved to Cleveland TX and built a shop and office just off of FM 2025.

The shop is our home base where our pergolas, benches and other features are Pre-Fabricated to make installation fast and efficient.


Loren enjoys fishing and  spending time with his family.